• Sizes
    Nigiri: 4' x 4.5' x 2'
    Donburi: 7.5' x 8' x 3.5'
    Kaiju: Unknown
  • Construction
    Wooden dowels, rope lashings, stretched canvas
  • Description
    Three right angles on an equilateral triangular base, the Tetrahedron incarnates in a range of sizes. Can be controlled via the Hexapodium or dual hand-held remotes. Its visual motifs explore themes of threeness, accumulation, and triune symbologies.


  • Size
    3' x 3' x 3.75'
  • Sensors
    Leap Motion
    Touch Tablet (optional)
  • Construction
    Wood pannels, rope lashings
  • Description
    Five hexagonal panels interlocked and lashed together at the joints form the hexapodium, a free-standing structure for spatial hand tracking. At the top of its pedestal is a Leap Motion sensor, allowing the user to control installations with one or more hands. With an additional touch-based interface, a user can sample and loop hand motions on different data tracks, allowing them to layer outputs for multiple repeating visual effects.

Tanngrisnir & Tanngnj├│str

  • Kind
    Wireless remotes
  • Sensors
    Infrared cameras, accelerometers, button triggers
  • Description
    Dual handheld remotes allow interaction based on pitch, yaw, roll, acceleration, and a number of button-based triggers. Specific remote orientations yield different kinds of data output, allowing visual triggers to be assigned and fired to achieve a variety of visual effects. Wireless networking allows the user to travel in the installation with a free body.