blondknaut presents Hallowed Space with DJ Indy Nyles, DJ Matt the Katt, and Marc Mercado

10/16/13This Halloween night and weekend join blondknaut, DJ Indy Nyles, DJ Matt the Katt, and artist Marc Mercado at Merchants of Reality in San Francisco for a night of sensational art, music, and ritual performance. VJ blondknaut brings his seven-foot-tall projection-mapped tetrahedron controlled with a Leap Motion hand sensor for his custom set entitled "Hallowed Space"

An Artist’s take on balance and survival.

6/10/13[blondknaut] recently constructed a pyramid out of fabric and cardboard where he projects… digital images on the surface and manipulates them using the Leap device. He has already performed live VJ shows in local venues… and encourages spectators to join Margaux Galli for Urban Artists Blog


blondk̄naut is an interactive installation artist and VJ based in San Francisco, CA. blondk̄naut uses live visuals, projection mapping, and ritual movement to create rich visual experiences.